August Update

by Aug 31, 2015


Brother P.M. ministers in northern India where Hindu persecution is strong. Despite the persecution and the fact that believers have to meet inconspicuously in homes of Christian brothers, souls are saved and the gospel continues to be preached.

Pastor Seng Labya has been a CDI Area Director since 2014. He is the Pastor of Dallas Fort Worth (Texas) Kachin Baptist Church. The church is for the Burmese refugees in this Texas City. The church has 3 services on Sunday: One in Burmese Language, one in Kachin and one in English. Pastor Labya is using the CDI courses translated in Kachin and Burmese to equip the Myanmar refugees, immigrants and International students with an effective means of enhancing their ministries. The CDI courses will be used for members of the DFW Kachin Baptist Church, The CDI courses in Kachin and Burmese will be used for Burmese people in Texas and the USA, and the CDI courses will be introduced to Burmese Diaspora (the dispersion of any people from their original homeland) in Canada, Australia and EU nations.

The following is a personal report from Pastor Labya: “Praise the Lord for CDI and the Lesson. Our Church enrolled 16 students yesterday in Kachin and Burmese. Some of our members with English skills are referred to English lessons. The members of the Burmese community in South Carolina are also requesting lessons in Burmese. The CDI Course is an answer to our prayer. It will effectively reach out to our people in US with busy schedules. Thank you for CDI and praise God for your partnership ministry!”

These things do not happen because of us at the CDI headquarters. We are just watering the seed of the Gospel through sending out the lessons. God gives the increase more abundantly than we ever thought possible. Students are taking the CDI courses in countries from which we cannot get a report because of the religious or political situation. We give God all the glory and thank Him for your continued financial support, the results of which only eternity will reveal.

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