How to Use Our Printable Courses for Correspondence

For years our courses have been used by Christians around the world as mailed correspondence courses. We are now able to make them available for the public to access and use in churches, prison ministries, personal evangelism and an array of other applications. The way we suggest using the material as a correspondence course is as follows. Request access to the mentor resources by emailing

As the Mentor:

  1. Download and distribute lessons and quizzes according to your situation (e-mail, postal mail, or in person).
  2. When your student returns a quiz, check the student’s answers against the answer key and provide feedback on questions missed. The answers and their location in the lesson is noted in the answer key. If you feel they did not fully grasp the content of the lesson, you may choose to have them review the lesson and retake the quiz. The goal of these courses is spiritual growth and understanding, so work with them to make sure they understand.
  3. You will continue to send each individual lesson and its quiz to the student/disciple until they have completed all the lessons.
  4. When they have completed the course, you can contact us to have a certificate emailed to you to send to your student/disciple.

As the Student/Disciple:

  1. Access the lessons here and begin study with Lesson 1. Once you are ready to take the quiz, notify your mentor and he/she will send the quiz to you.
  2. You will return the finished quiz to your mentor and he/she will assess your answers before sending you the next lesson and quiz. If you have failed to understand the material sufficiently, your mentor may recommend you retake the quiz before continuing.
  3. After successfully completing all the lessons, your mentor will request a Certificate of Completion on your behalf.

We pray that God will continue to use these courses to equip Christians with tools that will help them better understand the Bible and grow as followers of Christ.

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