Course Descriptions

CDI courses are clear, well-outlined and thorough without being tedious. They are deep enough to satisfy the serious Bible student, yet simple enough for beginners to grasp. Students enroll individually online or under the leadership of a ministry director or in a group setting. Every student has a grader who serves as a mentor and discipleship partner.

Currently, we offer Bible study courses online or in print with over 36,000 students enrolled in 54 countries. Each course includes multiple lessons and is available in Standard English or Special English for students using English as a second language.

Some of our lessons have been translated and are available in the following languages: Arabic, Bangla, Chinese, Creole, French, Hindi, Kachin, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Great Doctrines of the Bible
This series of 36 individual lessons will give the student a broad understanding of God’s revelation of truth in the Bible. The systematic presentation of doctrines encourages the student to investigate what the Bible says about Jesus Christ and other particular doctrines of the Christian faith. This study is beneficial for someone investigating the Christian faith, for a new follower of Jesus Christ or for a seasoned believer who wants to go deeper into God’s Word.
Romans is a masterpiece of persuasion and reasoning and the most systematic account of God’s plan of redemption from sin. No other writing has so powerfully influenced the Church from its beginning, giving complete treatment to such doctrines as sin, salvation, man’s lost and helpless condition, redemption, justification, sanctification, regeneration, glorification and the effectiveness of Christ’s atoning death. The Epistle of Romans became the most important book of the Reformation. Martin Luther called Romans “The Masterpiece of the New Testament.”
You are about to embark on a comprehensive study of Ephesians–one of the most remarkable books of the Bible. The Apostle Paul covers majestic heights and soars to the pinnacle of church truth with sweeping strokes of his pen. In Ephesians Paul ties eternity to time, heaven to earth, and Christ to His Church.
The Ten Commandments
The Ten Commandments, as recorded in Exodus 20, have been a topic of debate throughout Christian history. Are these commandments from God applicable to believers today? If so, what applications can we make from them in the 21st century? This course takes a fresh look at this portion of Scripture and teaches how it reveals the very heart of God and gives suggested applications for today’s student of the Word.
Exploring God’s Word
The Bible is the history of man and his relationship to God. It shows how God reveals Himself, and how man responds in a relationship with God having responsibilities and rewards. Exploring God’s Word is a series of 27 lessons that will provide you with a survey of the Old and New Testaments, a cohesive “bird’s-eye view” of the entire Bible.
Personal Success
Jesus Christ is the Truth. True freedom comes from knowing Him and living in fellowship with Him. Filled with practical application, these eleven lessons teach the student that personal success is the liberty, the ability, and the opportunity of an individual to become the person God created him to be.


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