As reported on multiple news outlets, heavy rains and mudslides devastated several communities just outside Freetown, Sierra Leone on Monday. Since the event, CDI national partner, Pastor Solomon Mansaray, has been sending regular updates to the CDI home office. Pastor Solomon has served in Freetown for several years and leads a weekly discipleship ministry with local law enforcement officers.

Flooding in Freetown, Sierra Leone

According to a report by BBC News, over 400 individuals are confirmed dead with hundreds more missing. Reflecting on the tragedy, Solomon writes, “One week national mourning starting tomorrow. Some ministries have started sending in donations to help with what the people will eat for this few days.” As a community leader, Solomon has been given the responsibility to care for around 200 people. He reports that the greatest needs at this time are shelter, blankets, clothing, food and toiletries.

According to Pastor Solomon, $47 will purchase enough rice to feed a family for 4-6 weeks. CDI is committed to help meet this basic and immediate need for the families under Pastor Solomon’s care. We’ve set up a special page to receive designated donations. A $50 gift will purchase the rice as well as cover the fees to send the money to Pastor Solomon. To make your tax-deductible gift, please fill out the form below. Thank you in advance for supporting the people of Freetown.